3D Crystal Prestige

Unique Small 3D Prestige Crystal Engraved Just For You!

The Prestige is a unique shape that bridges the gap between flute and wine glass. It is a perfect choice for awards, gifts, and decorative items.

Give your loved ones a unique and personalized gift with our 3D Crystal Prestige. This prestige shaped high definition crystal comes with a LED base and your favorite photo engraved inside for a memorable gifting experience.

Christmas Crystal Flat

The large prestige sits at the top of our optical crystal range with its unique design. It will definitely turn heads and provide the wow factor with your favourite photo converted to 3D and engraved inside. It will take pride of place in any home or office.

The flat etched crystal makes a thoughtful gift for any occasion, especially with its personalized message or laser-etched photo. It’s ideal for a birthday, anniversary, holiday or any special event. You can even customize the base for a more elegant look.

To create this simple DIY Christmas ornament, you’ll use eye pins to connect round and flat crystals in a chain. You can also add rings on both ends for a more finished look. Finally, attach a larger crystal at the end and you’re ready to hang.

Christmas Crystal Diamond

A great way to capture a special memory with a loved one, this prestige photo crystal makes a lovely gift. Upload any picture and have it converted to 3D then etched inside. Lighted bases can be added to enhance the ambiance of this unique crystal.

This Christmas-themed design is sure to spark smiles this festive season! It features a cute pair of gnomes and robins in a snowy scene, complete with a red beetle. The kit includes the printed canvas, a set of Diamond Dotz that are pre-sorted by shade, a tray, a pick up pen, jelly wax and instructions. This is a medium-sized project that will take a few hours to complete. It’s ideal for people who want to try their hand at a new craft. This is also an easy-to-follow design that is suitable for children (ages 8 and up). This is a perfect way to bring some Christmas cheer to your home or give as a gift.

Crystal Brick

The large prestige sits at the top of our optical quality crystal range. It is a great gift for the construction minded or as an objet d’art. This brick shaped photo crystal has a textured brick surface on the front and sides and is contrasted with the flat bottom that reveals its optically fine interior.

MVRDV’s design for the Hermes store on PC Hooftstraat, Amsterdam’s luxury brand street, combined Dutch heritage with international architecture. To stave the architectural homogenization of shopping areas and to celebrate its own historical character, the design incorporated traditional terracotta brick facades that dissolve into solid glass bricks at street level.

The resulting building is a world first that demanded new structural solutions and fabrication techniques. During a long process of research and testing, Delft University of Technology, with special mention to Fred Veer, Rob Nijsse and Faidra Oikonomopoulou, together with engineering firm ABT and contractor Wessels Zeist, found ways to make the solid glass bricks adhere and form a structure without the use of mortar.

Crystal Keychains

Crystal keychains are a great way to add some glam and personality to your key bundle. They can vary from uniquely shaped chunks of raw crystal to intricately detailed figures enhanced with rhinestones. Some keychains even feature layers of crystal with replicas of favorite photos caught in between.

Personalized crystal photo keychains are an ideal gift for loved ones, and they make a perfect addition to any bag or purse. They come in many different styles and can be engraved with any picture or message of your choice. This makes them a one-of-a-kind gift that will be treasured for years to come.

This stylish and functional keychain is sure to spark conversations. It features a black medical alert symbol and clear crystal accents, making it both eye-catching and unique. This is the perfect accessory for anyone who wants to stay safe and fashionable at the same time! It also makes a great gift for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and Mother’s Day.