Strawberry And Berry Flavors Candy King Worms Review

Candy king worms can be found in a variety of flavors, from strawberry to berry. If you are looking for a gummy candy that is not overly sweet, these might be a good choice. Depending on what you like, you can also choose between the sweet versus the sour gummy worms.

Sour vs sweet gummy worms

If you’re looking for a gummy candy-like vape, then you should try Candy King’s Sour Worms e-juice. It’s a complex blend of flavors that makes for a perfect balance of sweet and sour. You’ll be able to find it in six different nicotine strengths.

The sour part of the e-juice is a great mix of tangy fruit flavors, including orange, cherry, and lemon. As you increase the juice in your tank, the sour aspect becomes more noticeable.

The sour gummy worms are a great snack. But it’s not for everyone. For people with allergies, this e-juice isn’t the best option.

Candy King’s Worms e-juice is a potent version of the gummy candy you’ve always loved. Made with food-grade ingredients, it uses a blend of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. A granulated sugar finish gives it a little sweet and sour edge.

If you love the sour flavor of gummy worms, then you’ll be blown away by the tangy, juicy, and sour fruit flavors in Candy King’s e-juice. In fact, a few vapers say it tastes more like a bag of sour gummy candies than anything else.

Cherry, orange, lemon, strawberry, and berry flavors

Candy King worms are the perfect choice for any gummy candy fan. This e-juice is made from food-grade ingredients, with a 70/30 PG/VG ratio, and has a sweet, sour gummy candy flavor. It comes in three nicotine strengths, including 0mg, 6mg, and 3mg.

Worms by Candy King e-Liquid is a complex blend of fruit flavors. Inhale the sweet sugary flavor of the worms, followed by a tangy sour cherry or raspberry note. On the exhale, you’ll get a thick, cloudy vapor.

The sour candy note is present in the background, but doesn’t overpower the other flavors. You can also try the lemon, orange, strawberry, and berry versions of this e-liquid.

Strawberry And Berry Flavors Candy King Worms Review

Candy King worms on ice is made from 70 percent vegetable glycerin, 30 percent mixed propylene glycol, and 0mg of nicotine. It has a cool menthol base, with a sweet cherry and sour gummy flavor.

Candy King is known for its innovative products. Their e-liquids have been developed to closely resemble classic gummy candies. With flavors like gummy bears, belts, jaws, and worms, you’ll enjoy a delicious experience.

Available in three nicotine strengths

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Candy King has released Worms e-liquid, which is a mixture of sweet fruit flavors. This e-liquid is reminiscent of your childhood days on ice, when you could get up to play outside all day. It is a sweet, fragrant mix of citrus flavors.

The e-liquid is sweet, but it also has some sour and tart flavors. It is a gummy-like flavor that is sprinkled with sugar crystals. If you like gummy worms, you’ll love this e-juice. You can find it at VapeRanger Wholesale. They have a wide variety of e-juice and vaping supplies at competitive prices. You can get more information at their website, or call them directly to order your e-juice today!

Candy King Worms e-liquid is a favorite among candy enthusiasts. It is an irresistible combination of sweet, sour, and wriggly worms that are coated with sugar and finished off with a sharp edge of sugar. Although it is a bit sour, it has a pleasantly fruity flavor that isn’t slimy or astringent.