3D Crystal Prestige

3D Cristal Prestige – Imagine Crystal

Using state-of-the-art conversion software, we can etch your favorite pictures into crystal awards in any shape you want. We also offer LED light bases to accentuate your one-of-a-kind keepsake, adding an extra element of charm and making it shine like never before.

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Lead 3D Crystal Prestige

Although lead crystal has a storied history of elegance and beauty, many consumers are wary of using it to serve wine and other liquids because it can leach toxic lead into beverages. The Government of Canada warns that any exterior decorative pattern or coating on a lead-crystal decanter can release lead into the food and drink that it contains.

However, under normal consumption conditions, crystal glass will not release enough lead to be dangerous to health. It takes time for the body to absorb any heavy metals ingested and it is generally believed that most people will consume far more lead from their diet than from drinking from a piece of crystal. For those that do still choose to serve drinks from lead crystal, it is recommended that the item be soaked in vinegar before use and rinsed thoroughly afterward. This will help to leach out any remaining lead. Also, it is important to eat a balanced diet to minimize absorption of heavy metals.

LED Light Base

Unlike traditional light sources, LEDs emit radiant energy only within the visible portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, and can be designed to exclude UV and infrared radiation. UV and IR radiation can damage chromophores (color pigments) in organic materials, which translates into material degradation or discoloration.

LEDs can also be engineered to produce a specific spectral power distribution, or SPD. This capability allows lighting products to be engineered to engage specific human visual, physiological, psychological, plant photoreceptor or semiconductor detector responses, or a combination of them.

The small package size of an LED allows fixture designers to shape and direct its light. This capability eliminates the need for external reflectors that are typically used with incandescent, halogen and fluorescent light sources to collect and focus their light output. This allows the LEDs to be shaped to create an attractive and unique design for your award or gift. Engrave your company logo and a personal message to honor the employee or co-worker that you appreciate their dedication and hard work.

3D Greeting Cards

The light-diffusing properties of crystal make it an alluring material for awards. Unlike glass or acrylic, which allow light to pass through them, crystal refracts the light as it passes around and through its various edges. This aesthetic is a big draw for many customers and also makes it possible to etch crystal awards with text and images.

Hallmark’s 3D pop-up cards are a delightful way to send a thoughtful message with wow-factor style. Surprise a loved one on their birthday with a pop-up card that lights up or plays a jazzy rendition of “Happy Birthday to You.” Send congratulations on a major life event such as an anniversary or graduation with a displayable laser-cut 3D greeting card.

Our photo crystal gifts look even more spectacular when mounted on an LED base. These bases illuminate the 3D image from below and bring out the details that make your recipient’s favorite photograph so special. It’s the perfect addition to any personalized gift.